Day eighty-seven; anger and helpfulness

19 May



It’s my mum’s birthday today.

And I’m reminded that, people’s live are important.

That I don’t know why I was born, or why I will die, but that I was and I will, and that my mum and her life inspire me.

I was at a funeral on Friday, and it reminded me that others too, have fixations on people – that the phenomenon of fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters, is universal, and it’s called family.

Being helpful, in the midst of anger, is not something I’ve thought about before.


What is being helpful anyway?


Sometimes I think being helpful is just a way to help myself.

When people are helped, they’ll either help me in return, or at least shut up.


Being angry has so much to do with whether at that moment, I am being helped, or that I’m not.

I can be angry with myself sometimes also, when I think my actions have not helped myself or anyone else.


When I am thoughtful about being helpful, even when the experience of the moment, threatens to be one of anger, I create space for myself, and for those around me, to consider the existence of a better way, and to understand, that whatever the case, I can be a better man.



This makes me feel that it is worth it.

That t I can fight depression with inspiration, and that when I am inspired, it’s a gift that I can use to be helpful.


And I find that I enjoy being helpful.

After the effort.

Truly, I find myself blessed, and anger banished, in helpfulness.


“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick, or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost.” (Ezechial 34:4)

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One response to “Day eighty-seven; anger and helpfulness

  1. kreemer

    May 19, 2017 at 01:54

    Well now, Kenny – is all coming to an end.

    Right now, today, you are warm and safe and happy, if bored also.

    You are meditating and exercising and not drinking so much.

    You are also, a little fearful of the future. So if the future turns out well, and you find this again, please tell the me, now, that I shouldn’t have worried.

    Kenny, I love you. I love you. Remember the things you learned… Being an angel, being humble, not worrying.

    Go on. You’re doing well.


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