Day eighty-eight; Priorities and anger

20 May



It’s been a long weekend.

It began with a funeral, private, and has become a National Funeral.


This morning at Church, I was asked what my priority is.

My mother?

My lover, my child, my car?


Do I love God above all else?


What does this do to my thoughts on people who don’t listen to me, even when I am the ‘authorising’ figure at the moment?

Taking offense when people don’t take what I am saying because I’m beating them over the head with it, is like hitting myself, and wondering why it hurts.

I can say my piece without being right.

It doesn’t matter.

What I want is to be free to live, and let others feel the same.

Delivering my piece has got to be part of it, but it does not need to be taken, or else.


I am aware, that I am serious when I feel there is something at stake.

When what is at stake is my own righteousness, and it’s not taken seriously, I get angry.


I would prefer to prioritise something that makes me feel good.

Or at least, not make anger, first.


“I am the Lord, the God all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 37:27


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