Even in money

07 Sep

Today my praise for God knows no bounds. It feels like gratitude so overwhelming that I cannot breath.

It feels like those many moments – but so few in Life – that a mother looks at her child.

It feels like lovers everywhere, caught in that moment of time, when that glance….that indescribable glance…means everything will be ok.

It feels like the moment you get out of debt, only to realise that you should never have been in debt in the first place.

Jesus delivered one of the densest parables in Luke 16: 1-14

It’s interpretation continues to confound and interrupt human notions of Justice and the Afterlife, and of the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of money.

I offer only one of those here that I found;

“…Jesus invites us to realize that, first, our money isn’t really ours — we’re simply managing it for its real owner, God. Second, even “filthy lucre” can be pressed into the service of God and our neighbor. When it is, the benefits will last beyond this life — which the things we buy for ourselves won’t...”

Forgive debt, and try, as much as possible, to be free of debt. If you find yourself in debt, remember, you are in debt. You cannot kill the one you have borrowed from. However remember also, to the extent that you live your life in the surety of life after death, that you add to faithfulness, goodness;

To goodness, knowledge;

To knowledge, self-control;

To self-control, perseverance;

To perseverance, godliness;

To godliness; brotherly (sisterly) kindness, and;

To this kindness, love –


The fruit of the spirit is;








Gentleness, and;


beyond you’re debt, untouchable.

God also speaks to the manager.

And gets ‘filthy money’.

READ – LUKE 16: 1 – 14

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