Confrontation & Rebuke

19 Jan

Some of us are more comfortable with confrontation than others, but there are times when confrontation is the most loving thing we can do for another person.

Similarly, being rebuked by another person can be uncomfortable, but our openness and willingness to respond to correction are critical components of our character.

When someone criticises me, I lash out, shut down, hold grudges and get discouraged.

When I have to tell the truth about what someone is being or doing, I tend to say nothing and harbor ill-will.

Insult and hurt are the biggest lies we face in life. The reality is that we really cannot hurt another nor be fearful of being hurt.

That does not mean we act with callousness – but ‘being hurt’ puts blame on another person, and ‘feeling afraid to hurt’ dishonors myself.

What I would give to be free of the fear of Rebuke! Yet; how often to I listen to the Gentle word of God’s discipline, and how do I respond?

As a soul, I long to be pure. As a human, I have many faults. Learning to recognize, listen to and respond to God when life is correcting me, is a difficult place to stand.

Yet giving myself wholly to God allows me to release pain and worry and rest in my Faith.

This is a good one for you Kenny; read it again next year.

  • -Proverbs 15:31-
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