25 Mar

-Exodus 4:24-

-“At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him.”-

Say what?

This LORD you are GOING to have to explain to me. I mean, I’m laughing because it’s so funny! Yet… Here it is.

How can this be possible?

All this thing on context. On What the Bible says, vs. Who it is saying it to, and When it is being said – And the Spirit of the Occasion; of Jesus come to set us free from the Law….here you are, long in ambush for Moses.

Nevermind Abraham trying to slaughter Isaac, you’re going to kill Moses. Yourself.


-Apparently it has to do with: Moses, selected to teach Israel God’s law, had not followed it himself-

Also, I learn that reverence – that is awe and a recognition of myself as full of Sin is the only appropriate way to come into the presence of God.

Perhaps in today’s world, this is where the problem is when people think about God.

How does one surrender to what one cannot see or hear or know? And our History if having done so in the past ended up with the Tyranny of the Church of the people’s of the World.

Even the Brahma Kumaris have visions One World Government led by Royalty and Emperor’s and not Democratic in the least.

Hmmm. Where do I go with this? I’m listening.

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