“When Allah Laughs””

05 Jun

I have read the Quran once. A desperate attempt at least. When I was twenty-six.

I’m not sure I finished it all. I read Sura’s – read for a year, and memorised verses, and pleaded Allah would allow the experience remain with me, through my life – and that the attempt would count for something at the time of my death…

And then I walked away from Allah, and gave the Quran to my sister, and could not understand the state of Islam as I found it, and the violence around it.

I have found that same doubt accost me from time to time, around God and Christians, around Jews and around Brahmins – the idea that God is theirs, and is cruel and harsh and partial, with laws to kill and to press upon….

I found this sometime ago, on YouTube.

I hope the future me can find it here, on my own page.

God is God.

‘la ilaha illa allah’

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