My friends are richer than I

10 Jan

Psalms 73:2-3

-But as for me, my feet had almost slipped;

I had nearly lost my foothold.

For I envied the arrogant

When I saw the posterity of the wicked.-

Envy can be a painful and destructive emotion.

I am thankful for what I have – I don’t need more.

But their house is nicer. Their car is bigger.

I can learn to be happy for those who have more – can’t I?

I am still important… aren’t I?

Imagine all the people around you profitting from corruption – that doesn’t really hurt anyone – but you stay pure and poor.

Imagine the sting of being treated unfairly by the courts because the person you have sued is richer than you.

Imagine feeling helpless whilst the rich man beside you is served first.

Sometimes I ask God – but what about the rest! What about me!

We live like this is the only heaven we know.

This is not heaven. It is not the only place I shall live.

And when ten years looks long, twenty, fifty – I shall hold on – God give me strength – I shall hold onto the thought that being right…doing right…standing right will count for me at death.

Of course, I don’t want to live as though this world was just a trial to love through with no joy at all, or to take away the heard work that others have made in earning what they spend.

But I want to know that doing the right thing counts for something.

I want to die well.

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