Be happy

27 Nov

Enjoy yourself. Every man over forty is responsible for his own face.

Gently and with good Spirit, enjoy your life as a Christian on this Earth.

Smile and laugh and share your ease with Christ – despite the disappointments and injustices of life.

You are Happy.

The happy people.

If Christ really is in your life – you are the happy ones.

You know where to go when trouble comes.

You know how to appreciate company and how to be thankful for the people around you…

…and how to enjoy the beauty of creation…

…and how to be in silence before an awesome God…

…and how to walk lightly toward a sunset without guilt.

So don’t be bowed to the ground by the Bible on your back.

Don’t be constantly worried whether this thing or that thing was done this way or that.

Don’t let being a Christian become worry and stress and anxiety.

Don’t get there and say – I’m so discouraged and unhappy and I just will never be a good enough Christian.

Be happy.

Enjoy life.

Be a Christian and see it through Christian eyes.

Take a happy life back home.

Do your best.

That’s all.

Praise God.

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