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Puppets of routine

A morning bird call broke my rhythm.
Destroy a wall, why don’t you

Power through patterns,
Holding you back;

Anger is a useless form of being.
I like to move it, move it,

Physically fit,
We can be better, we

Can always be better, save
The Earth,

Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?

You have been trapped by what you said,

Ensnared by the yours of your mouth.
Revenge and shame,

Are not cool rivers,
Are not brooks,

Are not life.
That comes with forgiveness.

A habit is not what a Nun wears.
*Photo – Peder*

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My dream vacation pt.1



Phew, Turbulence!

I have had the nuttiest forty-eight hours. I’m ADHD and every so often it flares up and catches me off guard.

I know I’m on it when;

-everything has got to be perfect…and will be checked on periodically.
-I am checking on at least twenty very important things and all of them periodically.
-I am periodically checking that I’m checking on these things periodically.
-I am able to accomplish above in about an hour
-I spend the next hour checking that everything is perfect

Howzat? This way madness lies!

It’s very good for my work, and for accomplishing and for leading (sometimes!) but it’s appalling for my sense of peace and stability!

It wasn’t diagnosed until I was thirty-five, and thank God it was. What this does is, once you know it’s there, you can manage it. And it’s obvious. All those school reports…fidgety…fidgety…FIDGETY!

Anyway, it is what it is, I shall try and not re-visit my last post (almost put a link in here) or the poem it refers to (almost put one here) or the accompanying, plaintive yelp for help (and one more here).

I shall steel myself, pull myself up by the jock-strap, and face the wind.

Dream Vacation?

As far away from myself as humanly possible.

You know I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and write a proper post about my dream vacation, don’t you.


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