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And an army for war

-Numbers 1:46-

-“The total number was 603,550.”

If I think about the families of these men, the total number of people in the camp around the tabernacle in the desert as they moved about was around the population of early Nairobi ~3,000,000.

And so, the Cities must have been proper cities, and their intrigues not so different from ours.

A soap opera.

An army for war.

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My sister dropped her passport

My father left without saying goodbye,
Because I was late,
And CITIES will not wait, for
African Leaders to emerge,
Female or male,
From the UN or not,
And the son was not at home to say goodbye
-partying as usual-
And my sister lost her passport on the airport road, we
Had to go back and hunt for it,
Lions in a pack,
Sniffing the grass,
Finding freedom, or
Yellowed inoculation cards, or
Rare Visas,
And I rushed back,
I Did,
After the bar, where I was crying
For the father who’s glass ceiling meant that,
Africans cannot lead the world imagination, just
It’s institutions.
We said goodbye happily.
*Photos* – personal
-short evocative poetry-

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