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Witness the light

Sometimes, I feel like I am the light, blazing out into the Universe, Ray’s of Goodwill and Forgiveness.

Sometimes I feel like I can be the Cause of my life – the source of light for those around me.

-Matthew 12:38-

-“….Teacher, we want to see a miraculous sign from you.”-


I ask sometimes.

Other times I ask to know what it feels like to be loved.

I don’t forgive my sister.

I become self-respect. Almighty Authority of my soul.

I am good.

I radiate goodness.


“The power of God and the Wisdom of God is greater than the sage or seer who celebrates it.”

What is true of Solomon or whoever wrote that praise of Wisdom [in the book of Proverbs], is true of all wise teachers and wise men, they are ‘not that light’, they are ‘sent to bear witness of that light’.

I am not the light.

This little lamp of mine is spooky action at a distance.

It gets it’s blaze from another.

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